Paul Ehrlich Lectureship

The Ehrlich Lectureship is awarded at the IES Biennial Symposia to an individual(s) who has made seminal scientific contributions to research on the eosinophil and related allergy/immunology fields in terms of eosinophil biochemistry, development, cellular, molecular, structural or immunobiology and/or the participation of the eosinophil in the pathogenesis of eosinophil-associated allergic or parasitic diseases and hypereosinophilic syndromes.

2015       Gerald J. Gleich, MD
2013       Peter F. Weller, MD
2011       Prof. Timothy J. Williams
2009       Redwan Moqbel, PhD
2007       Dr. Colin Sanderson
               Dr. Kyoshi Takatsu
2005       Dr. Christopher J.F. Spry

The Gerald J. Gleich Award

In recognition of the most intriguing, high impact finding related to eosinophil biology published in the two years prior to the IES Biennial Symposium at which it is awarded.

2015       Jesse Nussbaum, MD
2013       Van Trung Chu, PhD
2011       Dr. Yasuo Mori

Service Award

In recognition of dedicated service to the International Eosinophil Society, Inc. and to the larger community of eosinophil scientists.

2015       Amy D. Klion, MD
2013       Redwan Moqbel, PhD
2011       Dr. Steven J. Ackerman

Paul Bertics Lectureship

This award was established to remember Paul's contributions to our field not only for his scientific excellence, but also because of his love of teaching and mentoring students.

2013       William W. Busse, MD