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2019 Biennial Symposium

Travel Grant Experience


Read what the winners of the IES Travel Grant have to say about their experience below and be sure to apply in 2021!


“As a newcomer to the field of eosinophil biology, my experience at the IES Biennial Symposium was incredible and transformative.  I met and learned from dozens of experts in my field, which improved my effectiveness in my own project and initiated several friendly, collaborative relationships.  It was incredibly cool to meet the authors from all of my favorite papers! I learned about new techniques to move my project forward, and gained helpful feedback that has helped me to refine my methodology and outcomes.  Portland was such a fun city to explore, and the activities organized by IES were wonderful.  I can’t wait for the next symposium!” – Julia Dunn, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


"The experience of participating in IES Symposium for me was very rewarding. Although I am already a postdoc, my PhD was in a different area, with almost no prior contact with eosinophils. Winning the Travel Grant Award gave me the opportunity to know better this cell I am starting to work on, and to understand why it is so special because of its applicability and participation in various diseases. Most interesting of the congress is the almost familiar environment, where researchers know each other, know each other's research and despite a long time in this area are still interested in learning new things. The lectures were always full and the hours at the poster session went by fast as interested students and researchers came to know more about my work and about the work of everyone who was there. Also, the dinner and socializing events were great. I definitely intend to attend the next IES Symposium." - Marina Barroso, Research Fellow, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


“As a travel grant winner, I wanted to thank the committee to select me and hence support my attendance at the 11th Biennial Symposium of the Eosinophil Society in Portland. Being a part of the symposium allowed me not only to get feedback on my work from the community but also to meet the experts in the field. The symposium itself and the various networking events provided a basis for interesting conversations, scientific discussions and most importantly personal contact of which I will benefit from in my future career. Listening and talking to experts broadened my understanding of eosinophil biology and gave me further input for my project and plenty new research ideas. Apart from that, it was a great opportunity to explore and tour Portland and the surrounding area.

Taken together, I think that I benefited from the attendance at this conference scientifically and personally and I am looking forward to participating at the next symposium in 2021.” – Melanie Kienzl, Scientific Associate, Medical University of Graz


“Earlier this year, I had the privilege of attending the 11th Biennial Symposium of the International Eosinophil Society with the generous support of the IES travel grant. Over 5 days, I shared my research findings and learned about ongoing – and fascinating – research in the field of eosinophil biology. In addition, the symposium provided an excellent opportunity to meet fellow eosinomaniacs and expand my professional network. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can’t wait for the next meeting!” – Albert Sek, Predoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health


“I am currently a 5th year PhD student in the laboratory of Dr. Julie Ledford at the University of Arizona. My research involves exploring the role of surfactant protein A (SP-A), one of the most abundant proteins found in the lungs, in the regulation of eosinophils in the context of allergic airway inflammation. I was awarded a travel grant by the International Eosinophil Society (IES) to present part of my work at the 11th Biennial Symposium held this past July 2019 in Portland, Oregon. This was an excellent venue where I was able to not only introduce my work, but also, to learn from experts in eosinophil biology from around the world. As I am close to the end of my PhD training, this was a well-timed meeting that helped me establish meaningful connections with fellow trainees and identify potential post-doctoral fellowships. Attendance to this 5-day event would not have been possible without the support from IES and I would like to express my gratitude for this wonderful opportunity.” - Alane Blythe Dy, PhD Student, University of Arizona


“I really appreciate the opportunity the travel award provided me with to attend my first conference! I had just graduated from my undergraduate degree and had provided presentations at various on-campus venues, but at the International Eosinophil Society (IES) Biennial Symposium, was able to present my findings to a specialized audience from different institutions. I had the opportunity to network with supervisors, trainees and other experts from across the world and learn more about the various research projects in the field and techniques for working with eosinophils. The discussions I had with others allowed me to develop a different perspective on my own project and other projects related to eosinophils. I also expanded my knowledge, skills and connections through the well-planned presentations, seminars and socials. I had an amazing experience travelling to Portland and participating in the symposium, and this experience would not have been possible without the support I received through the IES Travel Award. I am grateful for this excellent opportunity I was fortunate to have, and I look forward to attending more conferences in the future!” – Sarah Almas, Research Fellow, University of Alberta


“I had the pleasure to attend the 2019 Biennial Symposium of the international eosinophil society. This meeting brought together the world leaders in the research of eosinophils where they presented their recent findings on a variety aspects of eosinophil biology, their development and their function in health and disease. The sessions in this symposium were in high quality and presented basic research studies, translational research as well as clinical research. This symposium not only contributed to my knowledge about eosinophils and eosinophils-related diseases, but also enabled me to get acquainted other researchers in the field, discuss our scientific research, share ideas and set the ground for future collaborations. The atmosphere in the symposium was very pleasant, especially during poster sessions where young students could freely interact with senior investigators. I feel that the poster sessions were very fruitful to me and gave me the opportunity to be exposed to many research studies, ideas and advanced technologies which I will apply in my research. I will certainly participate again in the future symposia.” – Nurit Azouz, Research Fellow, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


“I am writing to express my genuine gratitude as a travel grant awardee in the 11th Biennial Symposium of the International Eosinophils Society, July 9-13, in Portland, Oregon.

In my research, I'm trying to establish a robust and reproducible murine eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) model. Coming from Israel, a small country with limited research related directly to allergies and eosinophils, and in particular EoE, this conference was an invaluable experience for me by providing access to the latest research in the field of eosinophils and the opportunity to network with other leading scientists. The feedback that I received during the conference assisted me to plan a set of experiments that will promote my work. The enthusiasm towards my work highly motivated me and gave me a better understanding about the significance of my research. As a first time attendee, in the biennial IES meeting, I was surprised to be exposed to a warm, kind, and remarkable community of the top eosinophil researchers who are motivated by a genuine drive to generate and perform outstanding research. Overall, this meeting was a great success both scientifically and socially.

I want to thank the organizers for a unique and enlightening experience, and for choosing me for the travel grant award which allowed me to attend the conference.

I will definitely be attending the next biennial IES meeting!” - Shmuel Avlas, Research Fellow, Tel-Aviv University


“I wish to thank the International Eosinophil Society for giving me the travel award and the opportunity to present my research at the 2019 Biennial Symposium in Portland. I had an enriching learning experience listening to various seminars presented by experts in eosinophil biology in the context of allergic asthma, my field of interest. Additionally, I got exposure to the critical role eosinophils play in other diseases such as eosinophilic esophagitis, cancer and auto immunity. The speakers who shared their knowledge in these fields were highly inspiring. The posters sessions were particularly useful for me as they gave me the opportunity to interact one-on-one with other researchers and ask questions in a more informal setting. I received valuable input regarding my own research from experts in the field and other post-doctoral fellows like me. I learned about new techniques that I could apply to my own, got new ideas to explore and share my own technical experience with other researchers. It was particularly encouraging to interact with and be appreciated by pioneers in the field. Overall, it was a valuable and enriching experience for me.” – Mythili Dileepan, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Minnesota


“The IES biennial symposium of 2019 was my first ever conference, and upon arrival in Portland I felt a slight sensation of nervousness. Because of the gracious travel grant award, I was able to attend the meeting where I finally got to know the faces and personalities of the celebrated researchers whose articles I have read so many times. Much of the information conveyed at the meeting was of high quality and I learned a lot. The poster sessions provided a great opportunity to hear about all kinds of different eosinophil research and to network with other researchers. As the meeting progressed, all of the information that I had once tried to learn at the beginning of my PhD studies became so much clearer, and all the dots were connected. Altogether, the symposium was a very valuable and informative experience where I learned both new exciting information regarding the most recent research and obtained an even more thorough understanding of the basics of the spectacular granular cell that we call the eosinophil.” – Sofie Albinsson, PhD Student, University of Gothenburg


“I was fortunate enough to be a lucky recipient of the Travel Award for the International Eosinophil Society Symposium in Portland this past summer. At this meeting, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend talks given by leaders in eosinophil research and participate in thoughtful discussion with peers and mentors alike about current topics in the field. Furthermore, I was able present my own graduate project at the poster presentation session, allowing me to network with others and receive constructive feedback regarding future directions for my research.

In addition to my personal research, I was given the amazing chance to serve as an expert in the #AskAnExpert session, focusing on differences between various eosinophil isolation techniques from whole blood, and was consequently engaged by many other conference attendees who utilize such methods in their respective labs. Finally, I was able have a sit down interview with Dr. Bart Lambrecht regarding one of his recent manuscripts detailing Charcot-Leyden crystals which can be viewed online at Overall, the tight-knit society at the IES Symposium and the passion of the attending scientists were inspiring and I am grateful to have been a part of such a remarkable experience.” – Kiho Sun, PhD Student, McMaster University

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