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Gerald J. Gleich Awardees Announced

The International Eosinophil Society (IES) is pleased to announce the winners of the Gerald J. Gleich Award, which is given biennially to the most intriguing, high impact publication in eosinophil biology published in the prior two years. For the first time, two awardees have been selected for their significant scientific contributions: Dr. Emilie J. Cosway and Dr. Sharon Grisaru-Tal.The awardees will present their work during the upcoming 12th Biennial Symposium of the International Eosinophil Society.

This prestigious award is named in honor of and funded by Dr. Gerald J. Gleich, whose career has been devoted to the exploration of the eosinophilic leukocyte and to the elucidation of its role in health and disease.

Dr. Emilie J. Cosway

Publication: Eosinophils Are An Essential Element Of A Type 2 Immune Axis That Controls Thymus Regeneration

Dr. Emilie J. Cosway studied Medical Science as an undergraduate at the University of Birmingham before obtaining a PhD in Immunology and Immunotherapy at the University of Birmingham/University of Glasgow, funded by Versus Arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis Centre of Excellence). Her PhD focused on investigating the role of accessory cells in the thymus microenvironment for central tolerance and thymus regeneration. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher exploring the mechanisms regulating thymus regeneration. 




Dr. Sharon Grisaru-Tal

Publication: Metastasis-Entrained Eosinophils Enhance Lymphocyte-Mediated Antitumor Immunity

Dr. Sharon Grisaru-Tal trained in the MD-PhD physician scientist program at Tel Aviv University. She completed a PhD in Clinical Microbiology and Immunology under the supervision of Prof. Ariel Munitz. Her PhD focused on investigating the role of eosinophils in the tumor microenvironment. She is currently completing her studies to become a medical doctor.  






Last updated: November 9, 2022

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