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International Eosinophil Society 2022 Science Series Webinar Virtual Seminar:

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Eosinophilic Airway Disease
26 October 2022
9:30-11:00 am US Eastern

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What do eosinophils and IL-5 contribute to asthma exacerbations?

Dr. William Busse, MD

William W. Busse, MD, is an Emeritus Professor of Medicine and member of the Division of Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison, WI, USA.

After receiving his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin Medical School, Dr. Busse served an internship at Cincinnati General Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. He subsequently went on to complete a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in allergy and immunology at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Busse is an Emeritus Professor of Medicine in the Division of Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI.

Dr. Busse's chief research interests are mechanisms of asthma, including eosinophilic inflammation and rhinovirus-induced asthma, as well as asthmatic inflammation and neurocircuitry activation, for which he has had long-standing National Institutes of Health (NIH) support, including as principal investigator for the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Inner City Asthma Consortium to evaluate immune-based therapy for asthma in high-risk urban children.

Over the years, Dr. Busse has served on various national and international guidelines committees for the treatment of asthma, including the US National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma, for which he was chair in 2007. He has been a member of the Advisory Council and Board of External Experts of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Dr. Busse was president of the American Academy of Allergy and Immunology from 2000 to 2001.   He has received numerous awards, including the American Thoracic Society Award for Scientific Accomplishments and the Breathing for Life Award. He has authored or coauthored more than 400 articles in peer-reviewed journals and served as coeditor of the textbooks Allergy: Principles and Practice and Asthma and Rhinitis.


Cross-talk of eosinophils and airway epithelial progenitor cells in asthma

Dr. Huaiyong Chen, PhD

Huaiyong Chen, Ph.D., is a Principal Investigator of Tianjin Institute of Respiratory Diseases and Director of  Tianjin Key Laboratory of Lung Regenerative Medicine, Haihe Hospital, Tianjin University, China. Dr. Chen is also  actively involved in graduate training programs at Tianjin Medical University and Zhengzhou University. He  is a member of the Basic Research Committee of Chinese Society for Tuberculosis, Chinese Medical  Association, advisor of the Committee of Tianjin Clinical Research of Stem Cell Therapy.

He obtained his Ph.D. from Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Thereafter, he was trained as  a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Immunology (Dr. Garnett Kelsoe’s lab) and then Department of  Medicine (Dr. Barry Stripp’s lab) at Duke University Medical Center. Since 2008, Dr Chen’s research interests  have focused on the regulation of lung epithelial stem/progenitor cells in respiratory infections, asthmatic  inflammation, and pulmonary fibrosis using organoids, animal models, and human subjects, and stem cell  therapy for respiratory diseases.  


The complex interplay between eosinophils and mucus in severe asthma: lessons from targeted therapies

Professor Parameswaran Nair MD, PhD, FRCP, FRCPC

 Dr. Nair is the Frederick E. Hargreave Teva Innovation Chair in Airway Diseases & Professor of   Medicine in the Division of Respirology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada,   providing tertiary care to patients with severe asthma and other complex airway and eosinophilic   lung diseases. He directs a patient-centred translational research program at the Firestone   Institute   of St Joseph’s Healthcare, focused on charactering bronchitis using sputum biomarkers   and targeted therapy with biologics and small molecule antagonists. The research program has   been recognized by a Canada Research Chair, The American Thoracic Society’s Ann Woolcock   Award, The Asthma Society of Canada’s Bastable Potts Award, and Fellowships of the Canadian   Academy of Health Sciences, The European Respiratory Society, The American College of Chest   Physicians, and The Collegium Internationale Allergologicum. His laboratory has contributed to   over 300 peer-reviewed publications (h-index 65, >19,000 citations).
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